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Puthia has the largest number of historically important Hindu structures in Bangladesh. The most amazing of the village's monuments that you can tour is the Govinda Temple, erected between 1823 and 1895 by one of the maharanis of the Puthia estate. It's a large square structure crowned by a set of miniature ornamental towers. It's covered by incredibly intricate designs in terracotta depicting scenes from Hindu epics, giving the appearance of been draped by a huge red oriental carpet. The ornate Shiva Temple is an imposing and excellent example of the five-spire Hindu style of temple architecture common in northern India. The ornate temple has three tapering tiers topped by four spires. It is decorated with stone carvings and sculptural works. The village's 16-century Jagannath Temple another beautiful monument to tour. It is one of the finest examples of a hut-shaped temple: measuring only 5m (16ft) on each side; it features a single tapering tower that rises to a height of 10m (33ft). Its western facade is adorned with terracotta panels of geometric designs. It is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Bangladesh.

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