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Gajni-storage Of Nature


Can you imagine a place where all the nature’s beautiful elements stored together; if you are having difficulty to do that you can just go to Gajni and see what its looks like! Gajni is the place where you will find hills, forest, lake, fountain and array of wild life specially birds. All this natural elements makes this place nature’s love child. But the main attraction of Gajni is its picnic spot. It is sited in the middle of the forest at foot of the hills. A lake is created by building a temporary dam in the fountain stream beside the picnic spot. As the spot is within the forest and hills you will be cheered by the sweet singing of a range of singing birds. This makes the place so mesmerizing. Other than the picnic spot there are many other spots you must visit at Gajni. But as Gajni is at the very end of Bangladesh border no one is allowed to stay here after 5 pm. There is a watchtower which is 60 ft high from where you can see Meghalay and its mountains. There is also a 150 meter long tunnel down the hills and its entrance is made like a mouth of a dragon so that when you enter in the tunnel it will feel like going to a dragon’s stomach.

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