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Dhaka City

Dhaka, Bangladesh

A symbol of thriving, colorful and congested metropolis is the centre city of Bangladesh. Of some 12million people and growing steadily, Dhaka is one of the most frenetic places on Earth. The streets and rivers are filled with colorful chaos. Dhaka with its exciting history and rich culture; known to the world as the city of mosques and muslin. Experiencing the city for the first time can often seem overwhelming. The capital of Bangladesh Dhaka has attracted travelers from far and near through ages. It has history dating back to the earliest time. But the exact date of its foundation is not known. However, according to recorded history, it was founded in 1608 A.D. as the seat of the imperial Mughal Viceroy of Bengal. Having a happy blending of the old and new architectural trends, Dhaka has been developing fast as a modem city since 1982 and is throbbing with activities in all spheres of life, be it industrial, commercial, cultural or political. Dhaka, formerly known as Dacca and Jahangir Nagar; is the principal city of Dhaka District. It is one of the major mega cities of South Asia. It’s situated on the banks of the Burigana River. Its metropolitan area has a population of over 12 million which makes it the largest city in Bangladesh. Dhaka was renowned for producing the world's finest muslin. As a cosmopolitan city, Dhaka has been the center of Persio-Arabic and Western cultural influences in eastern Indian Subcontinent. Today it serves as one of the prime centers for culture, education and business in the region.

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