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Barishal Town


Barisal City is an old port on the Kirtankhola on the northern shore of the Bay of Bengal in southern Bangladesh. It lies in the Meghna-Padma River delta on the Kirtonkhola, an offshoot of the Arial Khan River. It is now the divisional headquarter of the Barisal. Barisal municipality was established in 1957 and was turned into a City Corporation in 2000. It is a trade centre, most notably for rice, hides, and pulses. Bakery, textile, Pharmaceutical products are output of a few industrial installation. It is linked by ship with Dhaka, about 73 miles (117 km) to the north. Chittagong to the southeast and Khulna to the southwest, Barisal is home to several government colleges, including the Sher-e-Bangla Medical College, as well as dozens of private higher-education institutions. Barisal gives its name to a curious natural phenomenon known as the Barisal guns, thundering noises heard in the delta and apparently coming from the sea. The sounds have not been satisfactorily explained but may have a seismic origin.

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