Exploring Tourism in Bangladesh
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Bangladesh Popular Places to Visit

Saint Martin

The little enclave of Saint Martin is like nowhere else in Bangladesh as this is the only coral island in the country. The region is covered in shifting sands and lapping seas, all nestled close to coconut groves.

In many ways it looks more like the Caribbean than South Asia, and you will find delicious seafood here including fiery curries.

Scuba diving is also a popular pastime, so if you want to check out some of the country’s amazing aquatic life then this is the place to do it.

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh


Surrounded by the Muranja, Wayla, and Chimbook mountains that rise to nearly 1,000 meters above sea level is the stunning town of Bandaran.The area is covered in misty green and is home to tobacco farms and hilltop lookouts and there is also a lively bazaar where you will find arts and crafts from the Shan tribes from Myanmar across the border.

Other reasons to come here include lazy bamboo boat rides along the majestic River Sangu as well as the mighty Nilgiri Hill and the crashing waters of the Jadipai Waterfall.

Bandarban, Bangladesh


Set amongst the beautiful Chittagong Hill Tracts is the delightful mountain town of Rangamati which is a serene and peaceful alternative to many of Bangladesh’s frantic cities.The town sits on the banks of Kaptai Lake which is known for its blue and green waters as well as the woodlands that surround it.

Small, colorfully painted boats bob on the surface of the lake and if you are lucky then you may see an Asian elephant strolled along the riverbank.

The main draw here is the hiking and wildlife excursions as well as the golden statue of Buddha Dhatu Jadi.

Other top spots to visit also include the Parjatan Hanging Bridge and the regal palaces of the old Chakma Raj.

Rangamati, Bangladesh


Chittagong has a population of 2.5 million which is nothing when you compare it to other cities like Dhaka.That said, this frenetic port town is still worth a visit, particularly if you are traveling to the beautiful Hill Tracts of Bangladesh.

These gorgeous trails that include pretty Foy’s Lake are hidden along scenic valleys and Chittagong is widely considered to be the jumping off point if you are planning a trek.

In the city proper you will find Chittagong Ship Breaking Yard where you can see hulking tankers being ripped apart, and other spots of interest include the shrine of Sufi Amanat Khan, one of the most revered saints in Bangladesh.

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar

Spilling out into the Bay of Bengal is Cox’s Bazar, an area covered in salty fishing skiffs and bustling jetties.

This little town in the far south-east of Bangladesh is known for its stunning beach which stretches for an amazing 120 kilometers from north to south along the side of the balmy Indian Ocean.

This is the third longest beach on the planet and you will find local fishermen reeling in the day’s catch as well as bubbling rock pools and crashing turquoise waves that make this a great spot for surfing.

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh


Shilaidah has the typical enchanting natural beauty of a typical countryside of Bangladesh. The grand Padma has added to its beauty. Shilaidah was a part of the Tagore Zamindari for centuries. The old Kuthi Bari was built by the grandfather of Rabindranath Tagore. But when the river Padma threatens its existence Kuthi Bari was dismantled and another Kuthi Bari was built by Rabindranath’s grandfather Darokanath’s direction which is now a tourist attraction. It’s a three storied terraced bunglow built by brick, timber, corrugated tin sheets and Raniganj tiles most of which came from the old Kuthi Bari. It was decorated nicely and its design & decoration carried out that times cultural development.

Rabindranath Tagore spent most of is adolescences here in Shilaidah’s Kuthi Bari. When he took the responsibility of looking after the Zamindari, he came here frequently. He was very much touched by the scenic beauty of the place and that is why his most famous work is written here like: - the songs of Gitanjali, Gitimalya, Soner Tori, Chitra, Kotha O Kahini, Chokher Bali etc. To see and to feel the richness of Bengali literature one should pay a visit to Shilaidah and they will realize that why our literature is so bind up with our land, culture and people.


Gajni-storage Of Nature

Can you imagine a place where all the nature’s beautiful elements stored together; if you are having difficulty to do that you can just go to Gajni and see what its looks like! Gajni is the place where you will find hills, forest, lake, fountain and array of wild life specially birds. All this natural elements makes this place nature’s love child. But the main attraction of Gajni is its picnic spot. It is sited in the middle of the forest at foot of the hills. A lake is created by building a temporary dam in the fountain stream beside the picnic spot. As the spot is within the forest and hills you will be cheered by the sweet singing of a range of singing birds. This makes the place so mesmerizing. Other than the picnic spot there are many other spots you must visit at Gajni. But as Gajni is at the very end of Bangladesh border no one is allowed to stay here after 5 pm. There is a watchtower which is 60 ft high from where you can see Meghalay and its mountains. There is also a 150 meter long tunnel down the hills and its entrance is made like a mouth of a dragon so that when you enter in the tunnel it will feel like going to a dragon’s stomach.


Barishal Town

Barisal City is an old port on the Kirtankhola on the northern shore of the Bay of Bengal in southern Bangladesh. It lies in the Meghna-Padma River delta on the Kirtonkhola, an offshoot of the Arial Khan River. It is now the divisional headquarter of the Barisal. Barisal municipality was established in 1957 and was turned into a City Corporation in 2000. It is a trade centre, most notably for rice, hides, and pulses. Bakery, textile, Pharmaceutical products are output of a few industrial installation. It is linked by ship with Dhaka, about 73 miles (117 km) to the north. Chittagong to the southeast and Khulna to the southwest, Barisal is home to several government colleges, including the Sher-e-Bangla Medical College, as well as dozens of private higher-education institutions. Barisal gives its name to a curious natural phenomenon known as the Barisal guns, thundering noises heard in the delta and apparently coming from the sea. The sounds have not been satisfactorily explained but may have a seismic origin.



If you arrange a beauty contest among the destination of Bangladesh, Shusong Durgapur of Birishiri will surely get the prize of the most photogenic natural look of all. Its scenic beauty is very unique. What makes it so charming is that the ceramic mountain, blue water of the mountain’s valley, Shomeshwari River, deserted coal mines and the green countryside.

Shusong Durgapur of Birishiri is located at Netrokona about 170 km north from Dhaka. It’s not only blessed by charismatic natural beauty, is also reach in ethnic culture as there are many ethnic groups like – Hajong, Garo, Achik and Mandi etc lives here. Many people around the world come here to learn the ethnic culture and livings.

The main attraction of Birishiri is the ceramic hill of Durgapur and the picturesque landscape along the Shomeshwari River. Except the rainy season it’s hard to find any water in the river and that’s why the river changes its landscape color with the seasons. There is also an ethnic museum at Birishiri. It’s a must place to visit while you are in Birishiri.

Birishiri is a remote place as it is situated at the Bangladesh India border. As a result all modes of transportation aren’t available here. So the best way to get in here is by road from Dhaka. The memories you will get on that trip will be unforgettable and magnetic.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Great Mymensingh

Greater Mymensingh lies from the foot of the Garo Hills in the north down to the plains of Dhaka in the south. Along the northern frontier of the district there are many aboriginal tribes such as Garos, Hajongs and Kochis who are ethnically quite distinct from the people around them. Mymensingh has earned a notable position in Bengali literature as the birth place of rich folklores and folk songs.Visit the national park and game sanctuary at Madhupur about 160 km. from Dhaka. There are a number of reserve forests in the area with rest houses and picnic spots. World famous painter Zainul Abedin's Art Gallery at Mymensingh carries the boyhood memories of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.